miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

Depression Vs. Food

Have anyone around had a broken heart?

I have... Several times.

I had had it before, i have it now... My heart is broken....

When i get like this, i usually do different things, depending on how were my heart broken.
Once, i smoked... A LOT. I started smoking and I didn't care what people think about me.. I loss weight and i kinda end up looking good, except for my face, which started looking different... Kinda Tired or something like that. The time after that, i just stopped eating. That wasn't good at all... I loss weight too... But it didn't help me to get over it, and i got sick... But a friend of mine told me that when i'm alone, i kinda look better than when i'm with someone.

When i'm with someone, I eat, A LOT. I love food, and sharing food is one of the things i love the most. Eating a nice lunch/dinner/breakfast or any kind of food makes my day. Just 'cause i love food, and to me, the best way to celebrate with someone is actually going someplace to eat. So yes, i'm fatter, curvier, and i just love the way i look now... But i hate that my clothes doesn't fit the way it did before.

This time, I do have a broken heart. But i haven't give up on food. I trully don't want to. It isn't over yet. I still love the guy, it's just that drives me crazy the little things he does sometimes. And I'm wondering if this relationship will go any further, if i really want to be with him for the rest of my life. I love him, i really really do. Could someone help me figuring out what should i do?... Kidding, I have to found out myself.

According to my career, the food is culture. I know it is. You can say a lot from a culture, just by checking their freezers, and tasting their food. You can say how well they eat, and if they eat more carbs, proteins, o vegetables, and how that affects them. I can say that when I'm Depressed, I change my diet, everybody does. I start eating waaaaaaaaaaay more Vegetables, drink a lot of liquids, and almost take away all the fat, sauces, and pretty much everything else.

Today i ate oat with milk and a little bit of sugar. That was my breakfast.
For lunch i ate rice and salad (and yet, the rice was plain and white) and a glass of iced tea.
I'm planning my dinner... and i guess it'll be something like grilled chicken breast, with boiled potatoes and salad.

No wonder I keep losing weight every time i get depressed...

Thing to say here about food. Sometimes, when the feeling is right, you just want to stop eating, and you shouldn't. You can eat simple things, but never ever stop eating. Food is the most important thing to your body (after water and oxygen), and your body needs energy so you can cry, walk from your bed to the kitchen... even to get your ass sit to watch a movie. Please (I say to myself) never stop eating!! I love my curvy body, but i love it when is plain and simple too...

Thanks for reading.