jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011

Food and Communications

Have you ever realized that when you turn on the T.V. it always shows about three or four food comertials, and you can't just think about anything else but that fried chicken or thick burger? Well, I'm not that crazy about junk food, I rather real food, to me a stuffed turkey makes me drool, and a good lamb chop makes me dream. 

Anyways, this isn't the point where I'm heading. Have you realize that in the past 10 years, you get to see more and more shows about ways to cook, how restaurants work, and there's have been campaigns to get people back into the kitchen. I'm a huge fan of Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Burdein. For real. I love Ramseys way to see the restaurant as a company or an actual mine of gold if you work it right, but also his passion for food. I've always wonder if I'd get to win a challenge with my eyes blind, and tell the names of all the things he'd make me smell and test (and Here, I'm talking about food and condiments only). 

Burdein's makes me wonder about the world and cultures, about the difference between two asian countries in the way they cook, eat and live. I wish I had the chance to know either one of them. I'd probably faint, or scream, or stay mute, I don't know... Most people dream about meeting U2, or some bands, but I have met Bono, and other artists, and it was like meeting regular people (I'm not saying that they are, just how I felt it), I dream about meeting those amazing chefs.

What's cool about these kind of shows, is that they approach people to food, to ways to cook... To flavors, to culture. In a world where is easier to go out and eat at some restaurant, and where is cheaper to buy frozen meals, and where there's no time to make a dinner for your family, they try to make a stop and say: Hey! this is an amazing thing! You can eat things that in other places they'd never dreamed. I wanted to be a chef, but my mom talked me out of it. She said: you'd be standing up for hours, you'll get cut, you'll have your hands full of blisters that will become hard... She talked me out hurting me in my vanity. I still cook things, and enjoy watching cooking shows, sometimes I look something up in the internet and make it at home.

Anyways, communications has brought food back into our lifes, they are getting bigger and bigger shows, where we dream tasting those dishes. I love to see the american and english culture, and I wish I had and oportunity like that to make the world know that there's a lot of food from southamerica that is worth knowing and tasting. I want to bring my land to a high point. I'm not saying I feel like it's gonna be easy, I don't know if I'll make it. But I'll sure try.