sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

Farmers Market

Have you ever been at a market in an unknown city? Every time I visit a city, I end up in a market. My dad always says: She loved the market since she was lost in one at age of 3. And he's right. I were lost at a market, when I were just three years old. I was with my dad, and I can only imagine now how desperate he was that time. The thing is, I was lost, and there were this guy that had a little place, and he was selling potatoes, as people tells me. He saw me lost, and asked me (and this I remember) Are you lost?. I looked up and nodded. He then grabbed me and he said: Well... Lets wait until your father comes. I was crying. I knew that something were wrong. Eventually my dad found me, of course, I were all dirty after playing with potatoes for about an hour or two. He thank the guy and took me home. I can remember this, I don't know why. But I belive that this made me love the big farmers markets. 

When I went to Barcelona, I went to the market, and I took the picture that this blog displays. In Chile, It took me almost a month, but i eventually did it. I went to this BIG farmers market. Ate a lot of things that day and bought a lot of fruits home. And that day ended up quite nicely. With this guy. Yes, I know. But he's super cool, and took me to the best date ever. Market, movies, walking around the city, a lot of food I didn't knew. Cool thing is: we are both from Venezuela, and he ended up finding eachother in another country. Isn't that just perfect?

Thanks for reading!

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010


Hey people! I know it's been a while, and trust me, I know!

I recently moved to another country, so I've been eating new things everyday, and I'm impressed 'cause I still can't drink water... Not like they do =(....

Well.. It was quite a trip... That I Called Trip of Hell...

Have you ever been in a middle of a nightmare trip, just to realice that that thing you ate just kicks your stomach to make you dizzy and make you go to the bathroom any chance you got?

I went Saturday to the airport, to take a plane that was supposed to take me to Santiago de Chile. I just couldn’t figure out that the drinks that the girls gave me were going to make me go to the bathroom so many times that eventually would hurt my butt, stomach, belly… Everything hurts.

It’s the water! The Water is making me sick! Can you belive that? Tragic. The Horror, like Sheldon would say. Anyways… I’m in Santiago now. It’s been a while since I got here. But everything is just different. Most people told me that I would fall in love with the city. I haven’t. Not yet at least. I think that I’ll feel better soon, I’m seriously hoping so.

Chile is different. The food is different. They eat things that are way too expensive in Venezuela. And I don’t know why, they don’t actually drink too much wine (or I haven’t meet anyone like that) and it’s such a shame… wine here is excellent (or so I’ve been told)... Soon, I can only hope!

What have I tried already?
Sustancia!! That's some kind of marshmallows, that taste different than those... And I just loved them.
I also tried Mote. That's a drink. Made of dried peaches, whole wheat (and I mean that) in peach juice... People love that... it made me sick... again!
Empanadas de Pino. Those are some pieces of heaven, made by the glorious hands of my friend's mother in law. I can belive those were so good!

I'll bring soon some pics!! Until then, It's been a pleasure to share this with you!