sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

Farmers Market

Have you ever been at a market in an unknown city? Every time I visit a city, I end up in a market. My dad always says: She loved the market since she was lost in one at age of 3. And he's right. I were lost at a market, when I were just three years old. I was with my dad, and I can only imagine now how desperate he was that time. The thing is, I was lost, and there were this guy that had a little place, and he was selling potatoes, as people tells me. He saw me lost, and asked me (and this I remember) Are you lost?. I looked up and nodded. He then grabbed me and he said: Well... Lets wait until your father comes. I was crying. I knew that something were wrong. Eventually my dad found me, of course, I were all dirty after playing with potatoes for about an hour or two. He thank the guy and took me home. I can remember this, I don't know why. But I belive that this made me love the big farmers markets. 

When I went to Barcelona, I went to the market, and I took the picture that this blog displays. In Chile, It took me almost a month, but i eventually did it. I went to this BIG farmers market. Ate a lot of things that day and bought a lot of fruits home. And that day ended up quite nicely. With this guy. Yes, I know. But he's super cool, and took me to the best date ever. Market, movies, walking around the city, a lot of food I didn't knew. Cool thing is: we are both from Venezuela, and he ended up finding eachother in another country. Isn't that just perfect?

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