miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

Fast Food!

Ok.. So, it's been a while, and I'm working on this special section about chilean food, It's not easy to write about what you just met and hardly know.

So, I won't talk about the chilean food for now, but i will talk about food that most chileans seem to love...
They call them "Completos" (complete, full... I don't quite get how to translate that in the right way.. that make justice for the whole meaning at least) or hot dogs. What's wrong about that?,  you might ask.

I think these are terrible hot dogs, and I should know about that, I love hot dogs!
What's wrong with them, ok, let's see.

In Chile, they put a bun with the sausage (of course) on top of that they put dice sliced tomatoes with a pinch of salt, over that they add smashed avocado and they cover the hole thing with home made mayo. Sounds interesting, right? I said the same thing and i was terribly wrong!

The whole deal of eating a hot dog is get to taste the sausage and everything else is just added to increase the flavor, right? Not in here. I guess they don´t like the sausages, or at least the one's I were used to try. Wanna see one? Courtesy of this guy...
Do they look atractive? Really?
It does?
Hmmm... maybe I'm wrong...
I guess that when you get used to all the publicity telling you to buy food, and food, "5 cents more and you get 50% more" and stuff like that, this kind of food actually speaks to you.

I'm a Mcdonald's generation. I grew up in a little town, in middle of nowhere, surrounded by shallow friends, that were pretty sure that the top of the top was going to eat at those franchises that were at least 2 hours away from home. So, imagine all those kids when the first (and I belive still is the only) Mcdonald's arrived... Total Madness!!! It soon became the hot spot. The oasis in the middle of the desert, everyone HAD to go there in order to be SOMEONE. Silly highschool, now it's kind of funny. I remember myself begging my mom to take me there, so I could get maybe a big mac, perhaps just a sunday. Instead, my mom took my sisters and me to this tiny family place, where the pizza was awesome (and authentic Italian). She took us to eat out only when there were a special date, if we got good grades, and so on. Thanks mom! You are the best!

Maybe that's why I don't really like those incredibly full of calories stuff, plastic flavors and all... Maybe that's why I'm so obsessed with food, maybe that's why I'll marry a chef, I don't know. All I know is: Fast food is bad for you. Please, if you have to eat something, and you are short with money or something like that, think twice before going into a place like that... you are not getting what you think you are... and this guy actually shows that up in his website.

So.. i have no idea why I made this post, But I guess I'm just tired of all the junk food...

Take care and Thanks for reading!

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